Celexus Completes 8K Filing with the SEC for entrance into the Hemp Industry

Celexus, Inc. is happy to announce that our 8K filing with the SEC has been approved and posted. This 8K includes a lot of exciting updates regarding the company’s entrance into the lucrative Hemp industry such as:

·         Celexus, Inc. has purchased Bio Distribution

·         Included in this acquisition are the rights to a bio-engineered strain of Hemp seeds that produce regulatory compliant levels of THC and high CBD content as well as a license to cultivate Hemp seeds and clones in the state of Utah

·         Bio Distribution expects 1.5m seeds produced and ready for planting by June 2019 and another 10m seeds ready for sale by early 2020.

·         And lastly, a 90 to 1 reverse stock split along with the official name change to Celexus, Inc.

To read our filing, go to https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?action=getcompany&CIK=0001355559&owner=exclude&count=40. Follow us on Twitter at @celexusinc and visit our website at Celexus-inc.com to stay up to date on future filings and news.