Celexus is proud to announce our first acquisition towards its overall goal.


Bio Distribution


Bio Distribution is in motion to become a recognized leader in the cultivation and distribution of hemp seeds, clones and CBD oils. They currently own a nursery in Phoenix, Arizona and are pursuing the expansion of our greenhouse footprint throughout the southwest. The facility in Phoenix is 120,000 square feet of greenhouse on 7.9 acres. The surrounding land is set up to expand the greenhouse an additional 60,000 square feet, enabling us to increase our production capacity. This facility has been set up with agricultural lighting, drip systems, storage areas and sufficient water rights to supply our demand.

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Additionally, we intend on acquiring millions of square feet of greenhouse beyond the Phoenix property to cultivate and process our seeds and clones for distribution. We have several nurseries that are currently in the due diligence phase, and if everything shows promise, will be leased or purchased.

The initial start-up costs for hemp cultivation can be staggering, specifically for the purchase of seeds and clones. One component of our business model is to provide farmers with seeds and clones who do not have the upfront capital necessary to acquire them on their own. Upon harvest, they will be required to reimburse us for the seeds and clones as well as give us first right of refusal to purchase their biomass at a highly discounted rate.

To stay in compliance with all federal and state regulations, we are strictly adhering to all license, cultivation and sales regulations. Several of our licenses are under review for approval so that we may begin the cultivation process.