Celexus, Inc

Celexus, Inc. is an acquisition, management and holding company for early stage, high growth businesses and technologies. The Company has developed specific criteria and standards that must be met by each acquisition candidate. Once identified, the Company will engage its highly-seasoned and well-trained team of industry professionals to perform a thorough due diligence on the potential acquisition partner. Following a successful due diligence, Celexus will send in its M & A team to structure and present an attractive win win proposal to the selling entity.

“Celexus, Inc. was conceived to be a holding company for the acquisition and management of promising, early stage, high-growth businesses and technologies. Our strategy is quite simple really; Get in on the ground floor and help these companies to the proverbial top floor,”
— Lisa Averbuch, President of Celexus, Inc.

 Due to the recent passing of the Farm Bill, Celexus now feels very comfortable in entering the rapidly growing hemp and CBD market. It is estimated that hemp biomass has over 50,000 uses including a 100% biodegradable plastic, paper, clothing, building materials, etc. Additionally, CBD oils provide incredible medical benefits. It has been reported that CBD oil can treat hundreds of medical issues such as anxiety, depression, pain, arthritis, insomnia, anorexia, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, several types of cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia and epilepsy, just to name a few.

From an environmental standpoint, this plant is truly a miracle. An average grow cycle is 12-14 weeks to fully mature at 10-15 feet tall while a tree is 20-50 years. This could completely halt deforestation by providing the same products that trees are able to supply. Also, hemp breathes 4x more carbon dioxide than a tree and releases 4x more oxygen, making our air substantially cleaner. With the recent lift on Federal bans, we are expecting scientific research to continue to discover more and more uses, both medically and environmentally. It is these reasons, along with the environmental impact associated with hemp, that is driving us to become a key player in such an important market.   

 Our objective is to become a leading supplier of both seeds and clones internationally. There is a massive demand for high grade, organic, high cannabidiol, (CBD) seeds and clones across the country and the demand is only getting bigger.


Currently, finding quality seeds in this emerging market has proven difficult. As most seeds are patented, farmers aren’t allowed to grow their own seeds from seeds they purchased. They are required to purchase new seeds every grow cycle. This can prove to be very profitable for us.

There are 3 primary reasons to farm hemp.

1.      To be refined into CBD oil

2.      To manufacture the fiber into products

3.      To create food products from the seeds and oil

Primarily, option 2 and 3 are handled by foreign growers such as China and can use very low-grade, inexpensive seeds. The majority of United States farmers are in it for CBD. These are the seeds that typically range in price depending on CBD percentage, THC percentage, average weight produced per plant, durability to different altitudes and climates, organic certification and more.

A typical CBD hemp farm will have between 1500 to 2500 plants per acre. This requires approximately 2500 to 3500 seeds per acre. On a 100-acre farm, they would need 250,000 to 350,000 seeds per grow cycle, which ranges from 2-4 cycles per year depending on climate.


Clones are clippings from a mother hemp plant that can be planted and grown into a whole new plant. There are 3 main benefits to growing clones over seeds.

1.      Faster grow cycles as the plant is already several inches tall

2.       Clones copy the exact genetics of the plant it was clipped from, reducing the risk of genetic issues

3.      Guaranteed plants as some seeds will not sprout

The downside to clones is the labor-intensive planting process as they must be planted by hand. Also, they will carry over any disease or infection from the plant it was cut from if the mother plant was infected. Therefore, our plants will be grown indoor and under constant supervision from master growers to insure the highest possible quality.


Our Objective

It is the objective of Celexus, Inc. to develop a portfolio of early stage, high growth businesses and technologies in the hemp industry that are just in the beginning of their hockey stick growth pattern.

Through the addition of handpicked industry professionals, capital and support, we will continue to exponentially build and grow each one of our businesses.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve satisfactory multiples in growth, valuation and revenue to Celexus and its shareholders.